Superior Base Platform

Unlike similar products, Phoenix Drill Control does not require the removal of existing OEM drill control systems, but is installed in parallel with the existing OEM control system, and wherever possible in collaboration with the OEM.

The Phoenix One Touch™

The  operator remains onboard and the drill automatically performs all drilling functions.

The Phoenix Auto Propel™

The  operator remains onboard, the drill automatically performs all drilling functions and the drill automatically propels from hole to hole on operator's local command.

Full Automation - The operator is replaced by a computer controlled operating system that performs all drilling functions from propel to drilling including hole quality control.

Product Features

Products Designed to Provide Value

Automated Data Collection

The Phoenix Data Collection™ system compliments the drill automation products in that it provides automatically generated drill production data without human interaction thereby significantly improving the quality of the data collected.


Automated Drill Leveling

This ensures that the end of hole position is located where it was designed to be by the mine engineering team.


Automatically Determines Ground Elevation

This ensures the start elevation is used to determine the correct depth to drill the hole.


Automatically Determines Hole Depth

This ensures the hole is drilled to engineered end of hole elevation.


Automatically Drills the Hole

This ensures the machine is operating at maximum potential without over stressing the drill rig.


Automatically Measures the Hole
In the fully autonomous version of the system the hole depth is automatically measured and compared to the target depth to ensure the proper hole has been drilled.


Automatically Retracts the Bit from the Ground
The system monitors the retraction process to ensure the hole quality is not compromised while retracting the bit from the ground.


Automatically Retracts the Jacks

Allows the drill to propel to the next hole.


Automatically Propels the Rig

This ensures the machine is accurately lined up with the target coordinates and reduces the amount of time spent between holes.



Provides information for all sensors and sub systems associated with the Phoenix Drill Rig Automation Control Platform

The Phoenix Autonomous Drill™